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Free EASe iPad, iPhone and iPod app for therapists of children on the autism spectrum

Title: Sensitive to Noise? Try the EASe CD: A Sound Approach to Learning
Free EASe CD 

EASe CD Newsletter August-September 2011 - Free EASe app for the iPod, iPad and iPhone:

In 1996, Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) music CD’s revolutionized the treatment of children on the autism spectrum and others with sensory and auditory processing disorders (SPD and APD). EASe CDs created the disc-based Listening Therapy industry by providing therapists easy access to technology that up to then had been only available through expensive and difficult to obtain hardware.

As a result, more than ten thousand therapists, thousands of non-profits, parents, schools and institutions are helping many thousands of children to habituate to noise and cope with SPD.

While EASe CDs will remain a powerful and reliable tool to help teach children how to cope with noise, like all disc-based listening therapy programs, they are a static solution. A more powerful and still cost effective solution has been needed for many years, but until now, the power, portability and availability of a suitable platform has been lacking.

Now with the iPad, iPod and iPhone making strong inroads into the world of occupational therapy, we have an opportunity to provide parents, therapists, schools and non-profit organizations a new set of tools and the power to customize a child’s listening therapy program to a degree never before available, even with $10,000.00 in hardware.

Now, after fifteen years of innovation, Vision Audio is proud to announce the next step in helping to teach children facing SPD how to cope with noise: the EASe app for iPad, iPod and iPhone from Vision-Play LLC.

The EASe app is just weeks from roll out, but a small group of beta testers can get it for FREE right now. If you are a professional therapist working with children on the autism spectrum or others facing SPD, send an email to visionaudio@vision-audio.com to introduce yourself and be placed in the beta test group. We will then contact you and give you directions for downloading the app and providing feedback.

The beta test group will remain small. We will only be accepting fifty therapists over the next thirty days, so don’t wait.

More Info:

Parents, teachers or therapists who are curious about EASe Games, can quickly and easily download and use the Free EASe Funhouse game and the Free EASe CD with their child. There is a wealth of information in the EASe Overview, EASe FAQ’s, and EASe Instructions at www.easecd.com. Here one can learn how to best help brain-injured children using EASe music, games and the EASe app.


Kimberlee Wing, OTR/L and owner of Pediatric Development Center of Atlanta said, “I began using the EASe CD’s with the children I work with and saw unbelievable gains in motor planning ability, organization, taking a risk with motor tasks they never would have done before, and social skills”.

How To:

1. Click here visionaudio@vision-audio.com to send a request to be in the EASe app beta test group.
2. Please introduce yourself and your practice and your ability to provide feedback regarding interface, compatibility with your iDevice and the general reactions of your patients to listening to the the EASe app. If you have multiple iDevices in your group, please provide details for each owner that you want in the beta group. If you are a non-profit organization, be sure to let us know!
3. We will respond to you with instructions for downloading, installing and using the EASe app beta. We will also provide you with a free copy of the EASe pro app when it is released!

How EASe works. It’s simple really:

EASe CD’s each contain approximately one hour of pleasant, up-tempo, instrumental music, encoded by a dynamically variable filter set. The initial low pass filter causes the music to sound soothingly muted and dull. A dynamic equalizer then dramatically boosts the high frequencies in random, short pulses, causing a small sensory shock to the listener’s neuroauditory system. The shock is intense enough to cause a slight reaction but short enough to avoid causing a fight or flight response in the listener. Once the listener’s brain learns that the small shocks are not threatening, it begins to habituate to them and eventually starts concentrating on the music itself. Once the session is complete, this newly learned habituation skill is automatically applied to the world at large, leaving the listener more in control of his or her auditory environment.

Phone 410-679-1605. Web http://www.easecd.com email bill@vision-audio.com

The Free EASe CD and EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt are the property of Vision Audio Inc. © 2011. You may not distribute or duplicate any EASe product for distribution. You may however tell all your friends and associates that they can download them for free themselves. The EASe app is the property of Vision-Play, LLC.

This press release is not spam. Our research indicates that you are or have been involved with the treatment of autism and may be vitally important in the life of one or many autistic children. If we have included you in this mailing in error, please forgive our intrusion and click unsubscribe@vision-audio.com



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