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Free EASe Game demo for parents and therapists of children on the autism spectrum

Title: Sensitive to Noise? Try the EASe CD: A Sound Approach to Learning
Free EASe CD 

EASe CD Newsletter July, August 2011 - Free EASe Game announcement:

Since incorporating in 1990, Vision Audio Inc. has become a key innovator in its mission to help brain-injured children cope with sensory challenges. In 1995 we created the first disc-based auditory stimulation program and then in 2007 we began work on EASe Games, the first and only software designed for children suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder. With almost 100,000 EASe CDs in use by tens of thousands of therapists, the EASe program is one of the largest of its kind in the world. However, there are still children who can benefit from EASe music and games, but do not have them available.

Last month Vision announced a free 38 minute EASe music CD sampler, assembled from one song of each of the ten EASe CDs. This month we are happy to offer a free EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt PC game demo.

How can a game help a child with a sensory processing disorder? Software has a few advantages that can be exploited successfully to help a child learn to cope with visual and auditory challenges. 

Software can be non-judgmental and unemotional. This factor may be a reason computers are so popular with children on the autism spectrum. Software does not get bored. A child can take a detour for an undetermined length of time and the game will still be patiently waiting when he or she comes back. Software can be consistent. Software can be fun and engaging.

Good game design mandates a rich relationship between performance and reward. Good games are fair and fun. Enticing children to participate in their own therapeutic process can only make the process more effective. 

A game can create an alternate reality that involves multiple senses and causes physiological change in a person. Anyone who has watched a movie of a roller coaster knows the heart pounding, dizzy sensation. We use all these elements to help a child learn to improve attention, visual concentration, balance and proprioception, in addition to coping with sensory overload.


Parents, teachers or therapists who are curious about EASe Games, can quickly and easily download and use the Free EASe Funhouse game with their child. There is a wealth of information in the EASe Overview, EASe FAQ’s, and EASe Instructions at www.easecd.com. Here one can learn how to best help brain-injured children using EASe music and games. The Free EASe music CD is still available on the site as well.


Kimberlee Wing, OTR/L and owner of Pediatric Development Center of Atlanta said, “I began using the EASe CD’s with the children I work with and saw unbelievable gains in motor planning ability, organization, taking a risk with motor tasks they never would have done before, and social skills”.

How To:

1.Go to www.easecd.com
2.Click on the EASe Funhouse link to download the ease-funhouse-demo-1.0.exe file of the EASe Funhouse Game and then click Save to save the file to your Downloads folder.
3.Double click the ease-funhouse-demo-1.0.exe file to install the game. Enjoy!

Since 1995, Vision Audio Inc., 611 Anchor Drive, Joppa, Maryland, has created therapeutic audio CDs and PC video games to assist children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other neurological conditions, learn to cope with noise and sensory processing issues. The EASe CD series is now used worldwide by tens of thousands of families as well as thousands of sensory integration, physical and occupational therapists, school systems and organizations to treat brain-injured children.

Phone 410-679-1605. Web http://www.easecd.com email bill@vision-audio.com

The Free EASe CD and EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt are the property of Vision Audio Inc. © 2011. You may not distribute or duplicate them for distribution. You may however tell all your friends and associates that they can download them for free themselves.

This press release is not spam. Our research indicates that you are or have been involved with the treatment of autism and may be vitally important in the life of one or many autistic children. If we have included you in this mailing in error, please forgive our intrusion and click unsubscribe@vision-audio.com

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