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Re: Reading MtRainier CD in plain CD unit?


> $ dd if=/dev/sr1 bs=2048 | wc
> dd: reading `/dev/sr1': Input/output error
> 3342336 bytes (3.3 MB) copied, 23.4675 s, 142 kB/s

This is not a normal end of reading, it is more than the 2 MB
of GAA, and it is darn slow.

This looks like the drive is not happy with the media
regardless of MRW.
Probably you will have to try it with another one. 

> dmesg shows a dozen of messages like this:
> Buffer I/O error on device sr1, logical block 1658

We might learn a bit more from

  xorriso -outdev /dev/sr1 \
          -check_media use=outdev what=disc time_limit=60 --

This will try for 60 seconds to read data from the media
and report eventual read errors.
  libburn : SORRY : SCSI error on read_10(26429,1): [5 64 00] Illegal mode for this track
(This is the normal error at the end of a CD TAO track.
 Yours will probably look different.)

xorriso will go on reading after encountering bad blocks.
If this can read more than 1632 sectors, or if it reaches
the time limit
  xorriso : NOTE : -check_media: Reached time_limit=60
while not gnawing on errors, then it might be worth to use
a longer time limit and to copy the retrieved data to a
file on hard disk:
  xorriso -outdev /dev/sr1 \
          -check_media use=outdev what=disc time_limit=7200
                       data_to=$HOME/mrw_copy --

If this gnaws on errors hopelessly, you can abort by creating
a file
(Ctrl+C would work too, but might not write all retrieved
 bytes to disk and will not report a summary.)

Have a nice day :)


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