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Re: Reading MtRainier CD in plain CD unit?


the Mount Rainier MMC specs are public for free:
The former is from the server of the SCSI standards publisher
and marked as draft 0.95 from year 2000. The latter is a draft
of 2003 and has version number 1.00A.

The documents confirm that a non-MRW drive should see a
MRW as one big closed track that spans over GAA, DMA, and STA.
The packet size is 64 kB.
STA consists of 33 packets at the very end of the track.

But the description of the mapping representation in STA is not
free, as it seems. One would need to get:
  CD-MRW Defect Management & Physical Formatting revision 1.1,
  Mount Rainier Promoters Group, August 2001
  CD-MRW Defect Management & Physical Formatting revision 1.2,
  Compaq, Microsoft, Philips, Sony, 2004

Nobody in the internet tries to sell it to me.
(But searching it yields several free copies of MMC-4.)

So probably one would have to contact the companies. (Good luck.)

Have a nice day :)


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