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Re: growisofs fail to burn second session: why and how to solve?


> I had tried growisofs first, before using wodim, and end up with an
> erorr message that leads me to think growisofs cannot handle DVD+R the
> same way it cannot handle DVD-R[1].

I can confirm that a few years ago growisofs wrote DVD+R and DVD+R DL.
But DVD+R DL seems to be a problematic medium type for many drives,
especially after they had a few months of normal work load.

> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dvd+rw-tools/+bug/311297/comments/7

I never tried DVD-R DL myself because they are expensive and single-session
only. Nevertheless a user of cdrskin recently made a successful test.
The drive closed the media automatically after the first session.

> Sense Bytes: 72 0B 00 00 00 00 00 0E 09 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00
> Sense Key: 0x0 No Additional Sense, Segment 11
> Sense Code: 0x00 Qual 0x00 (no additional sense information) Fru 0x0

Uh oh. That's a (S)ATA bus problem.
wodim does not expect sense byte format 72 and thus interprets the further
bytes wrongly.

We had the same here with cdrecord end of July:
> > Sense Bytes: 72 0B 00 00 00 00 00 0E 09 0C 00 00 00 03 00 00

(Google yields 3600 results for "Sense Bytes: 72".)

So i can recycle my diagnosis from then:

SPC-3, 4.5 Sense Data, tells that the "Sense Bytes" actually mean error code
  Key= B , ASC= 0 , ASCQ= 0

I do not find this combination in MMC-5 or SPC-3. But Key 0xB means according
to SPC-3, table 27:
"ABORTED COMMAND: Indicates that the device server aborted the command.
 The application client may be able to recover by trying the command again."

According to SPC-3 tables 13, 14, and 15, "09 0C" announces an "ATA Return"
of 12 bytes to be explained in specification
 SAT = "SCSI / ATA Translation [ISO/IEC 14776-921] [T10/1711-D]".
I don't have this document. 6 of the bytes got not printed, anyway.

By principle the burn program should not be able to confuse the ATA bus.
It actually talks to an SCSI-level driver which has to manage (S)ATA
on its own.

> Reading so much about growisofs' incompatibility with DVD-R DL and
> wodim's incompatibility with DVD+R DL I cannot help wonder why the two
> tools don't says so in their output or mention them in their manual

Both expect to be able. wodim out of much optimism, growisofs out of
aptivity. (I am not its programmer, but i have learned a lot from it.)

growisofs generally is ok with DVD ... if system. drive and media are ok.
There is one known problem with BD-R.
wodim is not the best choice for DVD in general, because its DVD code
is quite old and nobody is willing to invest time into beefing it up.

At least above problem is in its root caused by hardware or operating
system. From googling i get the impression that the problem often
pops up after system upgrades.
But there are lots of misperceptions around burn problems.

It might be that the burn programs indirectly contribute to the problem
by gestures which confuse the drive firmware which would then confuse
the drive controller or the operating system that waits for reply from
the drive.


If you want to go on with investigating the problem together with me,
then be invited to try it with my software
which is a cdrecord emulator and able to perform most options of wodim.
Its entrails are based on libburn which is independent of sources of
cdrecord or growisofs.

We would first try whether it brings better results (which i rather
doubt) and could then study the SCSI commands in detail (by option -V)
if it fails.
If it really succeeds we could compare its SCSI commands with those of
wodim in order to make a theory why that one fails.

One difference of libburn and growisofs with DVD+R DL is the layer break
command. growisofs sends it. I let the drive decide on its own when to
end layer 1.

A quite interesting experiment would be to boot a Linux Live-CD
which contains the burn programs in question. Like:

By this (sparse) system you could cross-check your usual kernel.

Whatever, expect quite a waste of test media. There is no dummy mode
with DVD+R.

Have a nice day :)


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