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Attn: webmail Users

Attn: webmail Users,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience we are making you pass
through,we are having problem with our database due to our recent upgrade
and we cant find your data,please we need to rectify this problem before
the next 24 hours if not you won,t be able to send or receive email
with your webmail account address.

Please fill the form below so we can rectify this problem  as soon
as possible.

* E-mail:
* User ID:
* Password:
* Re-type Password:
* Date of Birth:

NOTE:Your data and information will not be interfered with or tampered
we will just record your data back into our data base and send you an
email and after 24hours.

Thank you for using webmail services.
Webmail services.

Warning!!! Account owner that refuse to send this information after one
weeks of receiving this warning will lose his/her mail account

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