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Re: Wodim, GP08NU20 and DAO mode


> growisofs does not support all drives (there was not update since 2.5
> years).

What DVD drives have emerged in the last
3 years which would need new special
handling by growisofs ?

There is a suspected issue about the bug at the
end of BD-R which Andy declared harmless.
For DVD, i think Andy's work is hard to beat.

> I cannot speak for libburn. The last time I tried, it did not even compile.

Since June i have an OpenSolaris snv134 running
and a few days later i released libburn 0.8.2
with OpenSolaris support.
Solaris gestures learned from growisofs and

> An important notice: you need mkisofs (part of cdrtools) anyway.

Not if you have xorriso.

E.g. GNU xorriso is a complete source package
with burn capabilities for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,
and Solaris.
Untar, ./configure && make, on Solaris gain
r-permission for /dev/rdsk/cXtYd0s2 and privilege
"sys_devices" (e.g. by pfexec).
  pfexec xorriso/xorriso -devices
to see the recognized drives.

Have a nice day :)


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