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Re: Wodim, GP08NU20 and DAO mode


> I've a little problem to burn in DAO mode with my LG GP08NU20. In fact, if I
> give :
> wodim dev=/dev/scd0 speed=8 -dao file.iso
> wodim burn the DVD anyway in SAO mode, giving me a warning ( resid : 62448 )
> Why can not I burn in DAO mode ?

How do you conclude it is SAO ?

Actually there is no SAO with DVD media.
The DVD-R family has mode DAO which produces a single
session and closes the media. This is controlled in
the same way as SAO on CD. So SAO and DAO are as
much the same thing, as possible.

> Can someone tell me what is resid: 62448 ?

It says that an SCSI command failed to transfer
62448 bytes.
62448 divided by 2048 is not integer.
So i assume it was not a WRITE command that failed.
But that is just a guess.

What other negative symptoms do you see except
the obscure "resid:" messages ?

Does the DVD not get burned ?

Is it not readable ?


One could find out more about the affected SCSI
command by enabling extreme verbosity and SCSI
command logging. Options
Caution: both produce lots of text output on
stdout and stderr. You will need to redirect them
to a file in order to catch it all. E.g.
  wodim -vvv -V ...other.options... 2>&1 | tee -i /tmp/wodim.log

Eventually send tmp/wodim.log to me in private.
I will then post the decisive text parts and
my diagnosis on this list.

Have a nice day :)


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