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dvd+rw-tools development and administration questions


I currently am addressing some of the issues in dvd-rw-tools.  See Ubuntu
bug reports 600770,600869,600871,600893,600896,600898,601092,601125 (for now)
submitted by me (in my other life, I was a QA manager).  I also have patches
for many of them.

I see dvd-rw-tools used on multiple Unix/Linux systems, not just Debian.
1. where is the reference source for dvd-rw-tools kept?
2. where do I send patches to dvd-rw-tools for review?
3. how do I commit changes to the source (after review, etc)?
   If I cannot commit, and intend to do substantial work on the product,
   how do I get commit authority?
4. where does development discussion (separate from user support discussion) about
   dvd-rw-tools occur?
5. who (if anyone) decides what we're going to do with the product (features, release
content, etc)?

I'm aware of Andy Polyakov's website http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/
which directed me to this list:

> As of May 2003 I've decided to advise users to turn to
> <cdwrite@other.debian.org> on support matters

If this is the wrong forum for these questions, please advise me where I may obtain answers.

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