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WARNING NOTICE **Internet Services Security Center**

This message is from the Database Information Technology service messaging center, to all our e-mail account holders. All Mail hub systems will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance. Access to your mailbox via our mail-portal will be unavailable for some period of time during this maintenance period.

We shall be carrying out service maintenance on our database and e-mail account center for better on-line services. We are deleting all unused-mail accounts to create more space for new accounts.

In order to ensure you do not experience service interruptions/possible deactivation Please you must reply to this email immediately confirming your stfx.ca email account details below for confirmation/identification.
1. First Name & Last Name:
2. Full Login Email Address:
3. User name & Password:
4. Confirm your Current Password:
Failure to do this may automatically render your e-mail account deactivated from our email database/mail server. to enable us upgrade your email account, please do reply to this mail.

Upgrade Team

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