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Clay desiccant supplier in China

Dear cdwrite :


Our company Waye Minerals (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd, is an professional and innovative minerals desiccant adsorbent manufacturer.local in China.


Our main products are:
1)      Clay desiccant 
2)      Active minerals desiccant
3)      3A Molecular sieve
4)      VCI anti-rust desiccant

5)      Anti-mold desiccant
6)      Desiccant packet with Different sizes


Please visit our website for detial information:

http://weiyecn.en.alibaba.com/ or www.weiyecn.com


If you are interested to buy any of above items, please do not hesitated to contact us. We will do all our best to cooperate with you by providing high quality products as well as the professional services.


We are looking forward to receiving your early kind response.


Thanks and best regards


Your Sincerely



Peter Guo 郭伟

General Manager


T: (+86 25) 5759 3388-808

F: (+86 25) 5759 3300

H: +86 0 156 516 90222

E: Peter.guo@weiyecn.com


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