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Tonight's Webinar (Last chance to register and See New Software)

Hi there,

Just a Reminder! Don't miss tonight's
webinar where my good friend Charrissa
Cawley will be demonstrating live this
powerful new real estate software
application I’ve been telling you about all
week that identifies leads through the
internet, easily and effortlessly and then
lets you email them all with one click of a

If you have a house for sale (or are looking
to find fantastic deals in different markets
or maybe you’re looking to build a buyers
list?)... this amazing new software will
extract highly targeted real estate leads
all across the US and deliver them to you in

I just put in one of my properties for
sale...and in just 18 seconds the software
identified 34 buyers who wanted to buy my
property in my area...TODAY.

Hot, Fresh Lead Prospects who are looking
for what I’m selling, right now! Of all the
ebinars/teleseminars we have Ever done, I’m
telling you... THIS IS NOT ONE YOU WANT TO
MISS, as it could dramatically change how
you find buyers and sellers for your real
estate deals, which is VITAL in today’s

You have to see it for yourself in action as
my good friend Charrissa Cawley demos the
software live for us tonight and shows us
how to harness the power of this incredible
new technology to grow our real estate
businesses! See you on the webinar!


If you can’t sit in front of your computer, no problem!
We have you covered! 
Register above to get the Dial-In instructions. 


Jennifer Black
RealMarketing Pro Leads, Inc
1010 El Camino Real  Suite 250
Menlo Park, California 94025

PS There are only 11 seats left at this
point-- please take a few seconds to
register to ensure your spot. This will be
one of the most important webinars you have
ever taken the time to watch-trust me. 

You don’t want to miss it!



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