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***SECOND NOTICE*** You have 24 hours to respond.

Hey You!         

One last reminder for you folks! 
The webinar with Ron LeGrand about 6 ways to get a 
big check without money or credit is  
tomorrow at 9pm ET. Remember to get on 
a little early. We expect a full house. 

Just go below to register:


I’d plan to be on from 9-11 but it depends 
on the questions. Ron likes to be punctual, 
but does like to answer questions. If you 
have a friend that needs more money in their 
life or perhaps a job replacement, you may 
want to get them the site to tune in. This 
could be a life changing call. 
Remember, you will have some downloading of 
free stuff to do after the call, but you will 
only have 24 hours to get it done. So get in a 
quite place, shut the door behind you and spend 
90 minutes with the godfather of real estate in 
this rare opportunity.


I have been working with Ron’s for 
over 5 years now. The man is a machine. He’s 
a rare breed of trainers who spends more time 
doing what he teaches, then teaching what he 
use to do. 

I know, I’m right in the middle of 
it all.  Its an active house business here 
and commercial projects all over the place 
and several non real estate projects in the 
works as well. Its non stop and he is a master 
delegator.  How do you think I know that?

Just go below to register:


He’s an auto pilot freak, as you’ll see on the 
call tonight. He likes everything systemized 
including buying and selling houses. I run his 
whole house business in about 3 hours a week. 
Maybe I should do a webinar. I’m happy you have 
the chance to meet this guy!

See you on the call!

Deena Rathje
QuickStart Real Estate Investors Association
8871 West Flamingo Road, Suite 202  
Las Vegas, NV 89147


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