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Re: Announcing mkisofs 1.13


> * Support for creating large images (> 4 GiB).

You are aware that even quite young Linux kernels
have problems to read multi-extent files ?
My 2.6.18 swallows the last few bytes if the file
size is not a multiple of 2048.
(libisofs can dare to produce such files without
 warning because itself is able to extract them
 out of ISO images, if the kernel cannot.)

> * Support for El Torito without floppy emulation.
> (this is the default now; --eltorito-emul-floppy brings back the old
> behaviour)

Do you have experience with El Torito pointing
to something other than ISOLINUX ?
(Nothing against ISOLINUX. I just wonder whether
 there are other El Torito bootable systems and
 how to bring them into an ISO image.)

> * Support for embedding bootloader code for disk boot on PC/BIOS platforms
> (--embedded-boot option).

Do you have specs for that ?
libisofs does the isohybrid MBR trick of
ISOLINUX but cannot install MBRs in general.
(The question is about how one has to patch
 the boot image and/or the MBR after the block
 address of the boot image is determined.)

Oh well, i hoped for allies in a session oriented
UDF endeavor. Proper multi-session, so that not
can happen what happened to the backup of Zhang
Weiwu. (First session UDF+ISO, second ISO, mount
gets confused.)

Do you have plans for UDF ?
(Problem seems to develop a proper model of how
 the components of ECMA-167 form an UDF compliant
 graph that implements multi-session.)

Have a nice day :)


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