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Re: Wodim: How to read from stdin?


> > Just like options -sao -isosize with crskin. (The size is 
> > announced somewhere between block  16 and 31. So this is no black 
> > magic.)
Til Schubbe:
> Which means that cdrskin doesn't need to read the image as a whole
> from stdin when starting, but gets it while burning (with a
> reasonable prefetch)?

Yes. cdrskin uses its fifo to peek at the first
few kB of the image. growisofs does it similar.

That is necessary only for write mode DAO of
DVD-R[W] and SAO of CD-R[W].
With the multi-session capable mode Incremental
of DVD-R one can just start writing.
DVD+R and BD-R behave about the same.
DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, BD-RE can be freely written
in random access with 2 or 32 kB granularity.
DVD-RW can be switched between DVD-R behavior
and DVD+RW behavior.

Bill Davidsen:
> In my case I have a data stream of 400-500MB which I wish to burn to CD, but
> because I can't know the size in advance and don't wish to save it for
> reasons I won't detail, I am forced to use growisofs and DVD for these
> little data sets.

But cdrecord and wodim should be able to do this
on CD by option -tao.
Their handicap is with DVD only.

> The growisofs
> program knows how to do this for DVD but can not do it for CD (one of my
> problems).

Any reason why cdrskin does not suffice for your
purposes ? It is willing to burn CD, DVD and BD.

Have a nice day :)


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