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Re: Wodim: How to read from stdin?

On Sa, 02 Jan 2010, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> > > First a question: Why do you like to use defective and illegal software
> > > like wodim?
> >
> > Please stop calling anything "illegal" without a legal proof of it.
> > Please go to court and find clarification once and for all, otherwise
> > you in turn can be sued for "üble Nachrede".
> What _you_ are doing is something you may be sued for, so be careful with

Tatbestand bitte, Mr. Jurist? Let's go down to real facts? What Tatbestand
did I do? Or is it just more FUD FUD FUD from you?

> your hostile trolling. Well everybody who read this mailing list already knows
> that you did never write something helpful besides your trolling.

Of course, every Debain Developer is a troll, we know that already as
you are telling it permanently.

> The name of the hostile person is Eduard Bloch. After he bacame a Debian 
> packaging maintainer, he soon started to send repeated personal insults after

And you *never* insulted anyone. Should I dig out the email where 
you told me that "I will find you" and suggested physical violence?

> that did not exist with the previous Debian poackaging maintainer. It is the 
> fact that Bloch prefers to attack people instead of colaborating that makes it
> obvious to call him hostile.

Yes, like you. So you are hostile, too, nothing else I did say (besides the
legality thing you didn't answer, probably becasue you know you are
on a lost cause)

Best wishes

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