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Ideas For Change opens up for bloggers and enters phase 2


We are very proud to enter phase two in IdeasForChange.tv, our ambitious project building a platform that will become an active tool to improve our world. We do this by collecting ideas and connect them to the right problem. We do this to give you better tools to connect and build projects.

We have opened up the possibility to register to the site and start blogging and engaging. Please go to http://www.ideasforchange.tv/wp-login.php?action=register and become a member. by entering a username and e-mail All posts will go through our editorial team first, at this point. We have also created a donation button and if you like what we do, please use our new DONATE button on the top right part of the site. All contributions will go directly to the "Idea of the year"  prize that we will give out next fall.

Status and info
At this point we have received approximately 500 films and have more then 60 writers (not all on regular basis). The interest is big and we have started several collaborations both with NGOs but also with politics, strategic partners and communities. We have added some new categories and continuously taking care of the films, texts and causes we receive.

Please note that the subscription to the newsletter form on the website has been down from September to November so if you have entered your e-mail you have to please do that again.

The next step, in April/May 2010, is to connect the dots and this means allowing you guys to start your own groups, categories and discussion forums and connect that to politics, the community and the companies. And to problems that need to be solved.

Please enjoy, spread the word if you will and engage!

/The Ideas For Change Global Team

Visit the web site IdeasForChange.TV

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