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Re: solaris cdrecord BH08LS20 drive BD-R problems

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> >> When it comes to accuracy of information meant for general public, it's
> >> difference between implying things and spelling them in manner that
> >> can't be interpreted differently by different people.
> >>
> >>>> 1. According to 'man ata' DMA is enabled by default on Solaris 10. To my
> >>>> experience with Sun W1100z it holds true.
> >>> Whis this is true for Solaris 10 x86 and hard disks, it is definitely not true
> >>> for the other. 
> >> Original statement was "Solaris 10 in general does not by default enable
> >> DMA." Any sane person not intimately familiar with subject would
> >> interpret that Solaris 10 never uses DMA by default.
> > 
> > 
> > Well, we are talking about CD/DVD/BluRay writing and it should be obvious for a 
> > scientist, that remarks are done here with thede constraints in mind.
> General public is far from scientific. But even if it was, it would be
> even more incentive to stick to most accurate formulations.
> > I cannot see statements of interest in the rest. If you like to prove that there
> > are Sparc machines with Solaris that behave different from what all other users 
> > reported, please send the related information:
> > 
> > -	exactly describe the machine type, the OS release and the drive type.
> Information can be found in attachments.

Looking through the information does unfortunately not show anything that 
verifies the presence of DMA for the CD-ROM drive in question.


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