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Re: growisofs burns dvd successfully, but


i assume either drive or media are bad
resp. do not like each other.

> can read the iso with dvdisaster for example and
> loop mount the iso.
> The mediainfo tells me:
>  Track State:           complete,damaged
>  Track Start Address:   0*2KB
>  Free Blocks:           0*2KB
>  Track Size:            1*2KB
> dmesg tells me:
>        attempt to access beyond end of device
>        hdb: rw=0, want=68, limit=4

It seems that the data blocks were written but
the media table-of-content was not correctly
In case of DVD-R this would be a failure to
write the Recording Management Area before
the media gets ejected.

>  Track State:           complete,damaged

The word "damaged" stems from the "Damage" bit
MMC-5 , says:
The Damage bit, when set to one, and the NWA_V
is set to zero; the track shall be considered not
closed due to an incomplete write. The Drive may
attempt an automatic repair when the CLOSE TRACK
SESSION command is issued. Further incremental
writing in this track is not possible.
NWA_V is set to zero, because if NWA_V is 1,
then dvd+rw-mediainfo issues a line
"Next Writable Address:" between lines
"Track Start Address:" and "Free Blocks:".

The failed or omitted operation is supposed to be
performed by the drive when growisofs closes the
track by 5Bh CLOSE TRACK/SESSION (which it
usually does with DVD-R).
Thus my assumption that your problem is a
deterioration of the drive or some change in the

> As far as I know, the kernel I did before
> mounted my DVDs but when I know try to
> boot it, they now fail too.

Well, if really DVD-R which were mountable
before are not mountable now, then it might be
that the drive became unable to read the RMAs
of DVD-R media.

So try to read the media in other drives
and try to read other DVD-R media with your

Have a nice day :)


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