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An iPhone app that's better than your brain

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Introducing NeuroMobile for the iPhone...

It's Better than Your Brain 

NeuroMobile, it's better than your brain! Yes, it's better than your brain at remembering and recalling things.  It remembers and never forgets.  Its unique system lets you store limitless information for quick and easy recall on the go. So if you need help recalling things, there's an app for that.

Manage And Organize Your Life

NeuroMobile helps you manage and organize your life by putting important information at your fingertips.  Use it to easily remember anything including names, passwords, grocery lists, meeting notes, account numbers, birthdays, confirmation numbers, books, movies, stocks, recommendations, websites, phone numbers, pronunciations, email addresses, to-do lists, restaurants, and vocabulary words.  You can even use it to remember where you parked.

The Genius of NeuroMobile

The genius of NeuroMobile is a proven system that mirrors what's going on in your head.  When you recall a memory, you first recall the clues and only afterwards do you recall the specific memory.  Without these clues you wouldn't have a memory. 

NeuroMobile allows you to quickly capture memories and associated clues, so that you can easily recall anything, even years later.  You may forget a specific memory after a few months, or a year or two, but you will always remember one or more of the clues.

For more info including a short video overview visit: EnPlay.com    

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14525 SW Millikan Way, #18940,Beaverton, OR 97005, 503 214 2045


ITworld Magazine...

"...EnPlay has developed a rather nifty application." Read Review  

"The company behind this application is EnPlay, The Cornell/Stanford educated CEO co-holds a patent on internet database information organization.  So, a smart dude...His company created an application that will allow easy access to your life's information. The method of "remembering" this information is derived from keywords about the memory."


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