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Bug fix release xorriso-0.4.0.pl01


regrettably the recent releases of xorriso did not work properly underneath
growisofs and did not maintain the files in the older sessions. This is a
regression which appeared with version 0.3.2 in january 2009.

xorriso under growisofs is not the main use case where xorriso does the
burning by itself. Affected is the use case

  export MKISOFS="xorrisofs"
  growisofs -M /dev/dvd /more/files

but not
  xorriso -dev /dev/dvd -map /more/files /
and cases where xorriso -as mkisofs gets a -C option without an offset
by 16 sectors.


* Bug fix: xorriso -as mkisofs did not understand the -C option of growisofs
           any more

System requirements:
- Linux   : kernel 2.4 or 2.6, libc, libpthread
- FreeBSD : libc, libpthread, ATAPI/CAM enabled, see atapicam(4)
- on other X/Open systems there will be no direct operation of
  CD/DVD/BD drives, but only POSIX i/o which may or may not
  be offered by the system for DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, or BD-RE.

  libreadline + libreadline-dev
  zlib + zlib-devel
  on Linux: libacl + libacl-devel
If they were present at compile time, then the optional libraries have to 
be present at runtime, too.

For more info, see http://scdbackup.sourceforge.net/xorriso_eng.html


There is a xorriso release tarball (containing the application
and all three libburnia libraries needed):

scdbackup.sourceforge.net is mirrored at scdbackup.webframe.org .

xorriso is also part of the libisoburn release tarball:
libisoburn.so.1 and its xorriso need recent release
versions of libburn.so.4 and libisofs.so.6.
The xorriso standalone release does not depend on any
of these dynamic libraries.

Post bug reports or requests
either to the libburnia ticket system:
or to one of these mailing lists:
or directly to me:

Have a nice day :)


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