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cdrtools-2.01.01a61 ready

NEW features of cdrtools-2.01.01a61:

NOTE: cdrtools is currently in a state just before a new major release.



-	Support for 64 bit compilation on mac OS X was added.
	Call make CCOM=cc64 as on other platforms.

-	$OLIBSDIR is no longer in the RUNPATH

-	New include file include/schily/limits.h

-	Make sure that all include files in include/schily/ include

-	wide character support new

-	New makefile "Mocsw" sets defaults for "opencsw" instead of Blastwave.
	Mcsw for Blastwave of course continues to exist

-	New defaults directory DEFAULTS_CSW includes special defaults that
	compile e.g. for Sparc-V8 in order to get working binaries for older 
	Sparc non 64 Bit hardware.

-	New autoconf test HAVE_SETBUF and HAVE_SETVBUF

-	Several modification in hope to better support MINGW


-	wide character support new

-	sevaral str*.c functions new for orthogonality with the new wcs* code.

-	Added a wide character patern matcher with: patwcompile(), patwmatch(), patwlmatch()
	See files:

	libschily/matchw.c and libschily/matchwl.c

-	libschily/stdio/*.c fixed to use size_t as length parameter for
	read*()/write*() operations.

Libparanoia (Ported/enhanced by Jörg Schilling, originated by Monty xiphmont@mit.edu):

Libedc (Optimized by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):








-	Added a workaround for the type desaster in the Appls IOKit include files
	in order to support 64 bit binaries




Cdda2wav (Maintained/enhanced by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):

-	The -interactive option is now mentioned in the -help output and the man page.

-	Call unit_ready() before retrieving the TOC data in order to work around a Solaris 
	scsa2usb (SCSA to USB Driver) bug.


-	"readcd" no longer dumps core if the C2Scan function is selected from the
	interactive interface.




Mkisofs (Maintained/enhanced by Jörg Schilling since 1997, originated by Eric Youngdale):

-	Fixed a typo bug in the mkisofs man page that caused the two synopsis lines
	to appear as one line when using GNU troff.

-	isoinfo now prints "???" in case that an illegal month is in a ISO-9660


	-	Add the HELIOS UNICODE mapping code. This needs to be done 
		at UCS-2 level for Joliet and UDF (instead of UTF-8) and only
		for Rock Ridge (in case of a UTF-8 based target locale) using
		UTF-8 based translations.

	-	Make the Apple extensions work again with "mkisofs -find"

	-	Support correct inode numbers for UDF hardlinks

	-	Support sockets, pipes, char/blk-dev specials with UDF

	-	read Joliet filenames with multi-session if no TRANS.TBL
		or RR is present. I am looking for a volunteer for this task!

		Note that this can never be 100% correct as there is no relation
		between the names on the master (UNIX) filesystem, the ISO-9660
		names and the Joliet names. Only the Rock Ridge names are
		untranslated with respect to the original files on the
		master (UNIX) filesystem.

	-	add libecc/edc for CDI and similar.


 EMail:joerg@schily.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin
       js@cs.tu-berlin.de                (uni)  
       joerg.schilling@fokus.fraunhofer.de (work) Blog: http://schily.blogspot.com/
 URL:  http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/ ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/schily

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