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Re: ide-scsi -> write_g1: scsi sendcmd: fatal error


Dave Platt wrote:
> Possibly the user's kernel was configured without the
> "legacy /proc/scsi support" feature being enabled?
> The help data says "In Linux 2.6 this has been superseded by
> files in sysfs but many legacy applications rely on this."

Being such a legacy entity myself i will
now have to explore

Ahum ... lots of files ...

  $ ls /sys/bus/scsi/devices
  0:0:0:0  2:0:0:0  21:0:0:0  28:0:0:0  85:0:0:0
  $ cat /sys/bus/scsi/devices/28:0:0:0/model
  BD-RE  GGW-H20L 
  $ ls -d /sys/bus/scsi/devices/28:0:0:0/scsi_generic*
  $ ls -d /sys/bus/scsi/devices/28:0:0:0/block*

Where would one find an overview of available info
in /sys/bus/scsi/ ?

Have a nice day :)


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