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Announcing xorriso-0.3.8


be invited to try the new release 0.3.8 of my program
xorriso, a ISO 9660 Rock Ridge filesystem manipulator.

It creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660
filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions, ACLs and
xattr. It can load the management information of existing
ISO images and it writes the session results to optical
media or to filesystem objects.
Vice versa xorriso is able to restore file objects from
ISO 9660 filesystems.

A special property of xorriso is that it needs neither
an external ISO 9660 formatter program nor an external
burn program for CD, DVD or BD but rather incorporates
the libraries of libburnia-project.org .


* New options -set_filter, -set_filter_r, -find -exec set_filter
  allow to manipulate the content of data files on the fly.

* New option -zisofs, built-in filters --zisofs , --gzip , --gunzip
  enable compression and decompression of data file content.

* New options -external_filter , -unregister_filter, -close_filter_list
  allow arbitrary external processes to do content filtering.

* New options -show_stream, -show_stream_r allow to inspect the origin
  and the filters of data files in an emerging image.

* New option -auto_charset based on xattr "isofs.cs" allows to tag an
  ISO filesystem image with the character set name that is in use
  on the current terminal.

System requirements:
- Linux   : kernel 2.4 or 2.6, libc, libpthread
- FreeBSD : libc, libpthread, ATAPI/CAM enabled, see atapicam(4)
- on other X/Open systems there will be no direct operation of
  CD/DVD/BD drives, but only POSIX i/o which may or may not
  be offered by the system for DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, or BD-RE.

  libreadline + libreadline-dev
  zlib + zlib-devel
  on Linux: libacl + libacl-devel
If they were present at compile time, then the optional libraries have to 
be present at runtime, too.

For more info, see http://scdbackup.sourceforge.net/xorriso_eng.html


There is a xorriso release tarball (containing the application
and all three libburnia libraries needed):

scdbackup.sourceforge.net is mirrored at scdbackup.webframe.org .

xorriso is also part of the libisoburn release tarball:
libisoburn.so.1 and its xorriso need recent release
versions of libburn.so.4 and libisofs.so.6.
The xorriso standalone release does not depend on any
of these dynamic libraries.

Post bug reports or requests
either to the libburnia ticket system:
or to one of these mailing lists:
or directly to me:

Have a nice day :)


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