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Re: Announcing xorriso-0.3.6

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> > The UFS-style ACLs you like to implement have been withdrawn
> I implemented man 5 acl of Linux.

This is the re-implementation of the UFS-style ACL implementation from Solaris
that appeared on Solaris in 1994 and that was discussed for some years in the 
POSIX standard commitee. It was withdrawn in 1999. UFS-style ACLs currently 
only exist for backward compatibility. UFS-style ACLs do not include support 
for "deny" ACL entries and for this reason, users did not like UFS-style ACLs.

The CIFS server on Solaris can directly use the ACLs from ZFS, on Linux samba 
needs to implement an ACL simulation as there is no compatible ACL support.

Modern OS are currently going towards ZFS (Mac OS X is currently porting - 
FreeBSD did already port ZFS). The fact that two basic features (NFS and ZFS)
use the current ACL standard makes it obvious that the time of the old 
UFS-style ACLs is over.

> > BTW: Linux and FreeBSD implement NFSv4 and with NFSv4 at least the extended 
> > attribute standard from NFSv4.
> On FreeBSD i found no trace of xattr
> and on Linux i found man 5 attr.

As FreeBSD implements ZFS, there is a big chance that FreeBSD will adopt the 
extended attributes from Solaris. This implementation is heavily used by the 
DOS type attributes from ZFS (system flag, archive flag, ...) and AFAIK for the 
DOS short name that is supported by ZFS. ZFS allows to attach zetabytes of 
attribute space to a file.

> AAIP could attach 8 TB of attribute
> to a file. In the "isofs." namespace
> one could define a link attribute which
> connects files to files.

I am not sure what you are talking about...
Mkisofs implements support for hardlinks on Rock Ridge and Solaris does the 
same. If you like to see hard links on Linux, I recommend just to implement 
support for inode numbers on Linux....

> So if interested Solaris users would
> provide testing and documentation then
> one could surely find a nice reversible
> mapping of Solaris xattr to AAIP.
> Elsewise i will wait until such features
> appear in Linux.

Xattr features exist on Solaris, on Solaris they are compliant to
the NFSv4 spec.

If Linux users are interested on the current ACL standard, I recommend to add 
ZFS to the basic filesystems supported by Linux.


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