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Re: cdrecord floating point exception


Rob Bogus wrote:
> There is no doubt that a system can run without hald, if you assume that the
> administrator is willing to do the same things by hand, and the user
> understands how to do all the things which hald typically does.

Personally i am a non-admin and leave
my SuSEs quite as they come out of the
box. Up to one year ago i had no hald
running (SuSE 9 with kernel 2.4) and really
did not miss it in any way.

The only device automat i want is the
USB plug-and-pull recognizer. That worked
already on the old SuSEs without hald.
I am not curious enough to explore whether
hald is involved meanwhile.
What i experienced at the first day of 10.2 was
CD-RW burn failure due to hald-addon-storage
processes. One per drive. They confessed by
telling the drive addresses in ps output.

Although i do not see it as necessary and do
not like its behavior, i acknowledge that
hald is there and that a burn program should
seek coordination with it.

> either using applications which understand hald
> or making a simple one time change in the hald config.

Any pointer to tutorial documentaion is
higly welcome. Topics of interest:

- Sysadmin:
  How to keep hald away from the CD burner ?
  (I would point from libburn docs to that.)

- Burn programmer (C language, console environment):
  How to negociate with hald in order to either
  get exclusivity at the drive or to learn that
  it is already occupied ?

What i would deem not acceptable for a burn program:
- unstable API form and semantics
- fat desktop libraries
- non-C languages

Have a nice day :)


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