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Re: cdrecord floating point exception


> The fork (when started in september 2006) removed the 
> original DVD code and replaced it by something that does not work. I have no
> idea why the initiators of the fork replaced working code...

To my observation the timeline was:

- Fork of cdrkit ("cdrecord" became "wodim").

- Introduction of DVD code into the fork
  (from program dvdrecord ?).

- Soon later you released the cdrecord-ProDVD
  functionality as cdrtools source tarball.

Obviously the DVD code of wodim is still
much too near to the CD code. To send a CUE
sheet to a DVD+RW is quite a stubborn gesture.
wodim cannot do multi-session on DVD and it
cannot write data streams of unannounced length
to DVD. So it is really not first choice for
that kind of media.

As i stated towards Parker Jones:
If growisofs cannot handle drive and media
then there is few hope that others can.
(I deem my programs not worse than growisofs
 but they cannot claim to be better when it
 comes to DVD writing.)

Have a nice day :)


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