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Re: Burned or not burned? dvd+rw-mediainfo can't decide

Parker Jones wrote:
I burned an ISO to DVD+RW with growisofs then checked its status with dvd+rw-mediainfo.  It seems to have burned ok.  Then I eject and re-insert the DVD and do another dvd+rw-mediainfo.  Now the media is blank.

So which is it - burned or not?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

The obvious problem would have been lack of dvd-compat, but you did use the option. My second though is that you may have gotten a fast format on your media, and your player, for whatever reason, may require a full format. Since it's RW it might be interesting to do a full format on that same media, then burn it in the same way, and see if that make a difference.

I have not had a problem with any of my players, in fact I had several commercial DVDs which wouldn't play in one until I burned a copy, but DVD players are not yet a completely deterministic technology.

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