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Re: mkisofs multi-extent: more bugs

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> As per http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2008/07/msg00078.html and 
> http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2008/07/msg00082.html 6 (six) a>=40 
> multi.c bugs were reported:
> #1. end-less loop [or premature exit from it] in read_merging_directory;
> #2. incorrect merge of extents from previous session [generated by 
> alternative iso9660 formatter];
> #3. files or extents are omitted from multi-session recording due to 
> incorrect value returned by read_merging_directory;
> #4. failure to sort merged directory because of insufficient clean-up in 
> check_prev_session;
> #5. failure to sort merged directory if multi-extent files share same 
> iso9660 name;
> #6. apparent memory leak in check_prev_session;
> Of these 6 bugs two were fixed, #1 and #4, and one, #3, kind of fixed. 

If you found real problems, it would help a lot if we could discuss things in a 
way that allows us to forward.

The problem with your reports is that you mix several problems into one report
and that you only partially describe the problems in a way that allows to repeat 
them. You also send cumulated patches that include changes that itself introduce
bugs. This is why I could only fix about three problems from the list you send
half a year ago.

I am going to fix all problems that can be verified, but I am not going to
apply patches if I see a single problem in a provided patch. I am adopting 
patches only if they do not introduce obvious new problems and in case that some
basic tests pass with the new code.

As ISO-9660 allows to introduce many dirty tricks, many of them are unsupported
by mkisofs, so please reorder your list to let #2 appear last.

For the reasons mentioned above, I propose that you present each item in your 
list separately together with a description that allows to repeat the problem. 
If you have a fix that is specific to this problem, you are of course welcome to
present your fix.


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