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Re: Growisofs input cache --> Patch

On Tuesday 09 December 2008 23:56:47 Andy Polyakov wrote:
> > In the mean time I created a patch for growisofs which I hope will be
> > included in the future (see attachment).
> *If* such option will be added, it would go as -use-the-force-luke
> option, not straight one. A.

I would even write a patch to use the Star-Wars-option if you would integrate 
But aside from the discussion about O_DIRECT, I would really like to see 
growisofs using standard command line parameters like every other Unix 
application. Btw. the same is true for cdrecord...
Also I do not see a reason why not to document the Star-Wars-options 
like 'tty', for example. It would have helped me much when developping 

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