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Re: Write error - SATA link reset with growisofs and tracksize not multiple of 32kB


Recompile and retry recording. If it still times out, try to increase to
say 300.

I tried it - no better. I just have to wait longer for the Error to occur. With 300 growisofs is writing:
  587497472/587524096 (100.0%) @0.0x, remaining 0:00 RBU   0.1% UBU 100.0%
for approximately 5 Minutes, then Kernel logs the link reset and I get the error.

As you might have imagined timeout value is expressed in seconds, which is why you have to wait 5 minutes.

One interesting thing: The drive blinks for about 1-2 minutes after the first 100%-line. Then it comes short into action (noise like spin up/down) and the LED on the drives goes out. It seems to have finished.

I does mean that it finished.

But you have to wait for another few minutes until growisofs stops with error. As said above, kernel messages also appear only at the end of the wait time.

There is only one conclusion one can draw: your firmware apparently hangs in last non-padded write command. It might be that it would hang in recording modes other than DAO, but growisofs won't exhibit it, because it pads data to nearest ECC block boundary in all recording modes, but DAO. For this reason the problem is described as "LG GH20NS10 might hang at the end of DVD-R[W] DAO recording" at http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/hcn.html.

For my reference could you submit first line of 'dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/scd0' output? It contains INQUIRY result. A.

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