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Re: One for DVD+RW/hcn.html

dvd+rw-format should have used Format Type 1,
Spare Area Expansion,

But the drive does only offer 0x00, 0x30, 0x31

But it does not necessarily mean that you can't compose one yourself. As already mentioned previously, BD-R[E] format descriptors are more like guidelines anyway. In other words it's worth a try... At least provided if Formattable Feature says it's supported...

None of my DVD drives offer 0x01 with DVD-RAM.

For reference I get:

INQUIRY:                [MATSHITA][BD-MLT SW-5582  ][BZE6]
 0023:  0f 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
 Mounted Media:         12h, DVD-RAM
 formatted:             2236704*2048=4580769792
 00h(800):              2236704*2048=4580769792
 00h(800):              2295072*2048=4700307456
 01h(800):              2217248*2048=4540923904
 01h(800):              2226976*2048=4560846848

It should be noted that specification says that data in feature 0023h refers to BD-RE and BD-R formatting options. So that formally one shouldn't consider it in DVD-RAM context. But most importantly number of Format Type 1 format descriptors can vary for particular DVD-RAM disc. E.g. if I format with -ssa=none I get *8* of them afterwards, and *none* after -ssa=max. I get two above listed after -ssa=default. Could you test -ssa=none and submit format descriptors for reference?

Could you submit dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/cdrom -verbose output?

INQUIRY:                [HL-DT-ST][BD-RE  GGW-H20L ][YL03]
 0023:  09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

As mentioned above I get 0f, i.e. full set of RENoSA, Expand, QCert and Cert. It definitely makes sense to try composing Format Type 1 descriptor for Panasonic unit.

To summarize. It's more than appropriate to look at feature 0023h and at least not pass subtype 2, the one originally causing trouble with this unit, if QCert is not present. So it's hardly case for hcn.html, as dvd+rw-format is not in full compliance with specification, which will have to addressed in next update. Cheers. A.

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