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Re: Write error - SATA link reset with growisofs and tracksize not multiple of 32kB

Hi Jörg,

markus_s@mnet-mail.de wrote:

I have a problem with my SATA-drive LG GH20NS10 (actual firmware EL01,
same with old firmware) and growisofs (7.1):
If I try to burn a DVD-Image on a DVD-R (or quick-blanked DVD-RW) in
DAO-Mode with a size not divisible by 32kB, writing stops after the
last complete 32kB-Block and I get an write error:

This problem is well known with the LG drive. Cdrecord added a workaround
~2 2 months ago.

I "googled" for hours and couldn't find any posting or documentation reffering to this problem. Do you have any further information about it? Is it definitely a bug of this modell? Has anybody tried to get a firmware-fix from LG?


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