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Re: BD-R formatting help


> > So with a BD-R +POW with first ISO-session written
> > with 32 sector offset and LBA-0-patching one would
> > get a Table Of Content as follows:
Joerg Schilling: 
> As I mentioned before, 2 sectors is not enough.

I assume you meant 32, not "2".
Ok. But what data other than the first 32 sectors
of a ISO 9660 image could be needed to direct a mount
program to an arbitrary root directory location
on media ?

On the risk to be redundant:
We patch these blocks in order to substitute for
the rule that the first track of the last MMC-session
on disk is to be mounted.
If the operating system sees only one track (as on
DVD+RW) then it will go for LBA 0 (+16). And there
we place the pointer to the last ISO-session.

Have a nice day :)


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