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Re: I need technical information on physical layout of DVD+-R/RW disks


> I want to understand exactly what writing modes are supported by different
> types of DVD formats and how mutisession is implemented.
> Where can I find decent information on this?
> I did read ecma standards on all dvd types, and plenty of SFF standards.

The ECMA stuff is very physical and does not
apply much to drive control and burn programming.
This is rather documented in the SCSI standards. The
CD/DVD/BD specific aspects are in sub section MMC.
I use as reference
see especially the description of multi-session media
  4.3.4 DVD-R/-RW
  4.3.6 DVD+R  
There are newer documents in

My own view on MMC is documented in
You might be interested in
  - Sequential DVD-R[W] Cookbook
  - DVD+R[/DL] Cookbook

Another thing is emulated multi-session on overwriteable
DVD/BD media: growisofs and xorriso learn about the
current session size from the ISO superblock (ECMA-119
8.4 Primary Volume Descriptor), add a new session and patch
the superblock so that it points to the new session.

Have a nice day :)


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