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Re: growisofs says "CLOSE SESSION failed" when writing to BD-R

> I did a trial run of burning a UDF disk image (created with mkudfiso) to
> a BD-R disk using growisofs and got the following error message at the end:
> :-[ CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/ASC=24h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
> The resulting disk does mount on the same system that burned it and the
> SHA256 hashes for its contents check out ok. My main question is: is
> this something I should be concerned about?

No, it's harmless. Trouble is that when growisofs pre-formats the blank,
it fails to instruct finalization procedure about it. The only side
effect is this redundant in this case attempt to CLOSE SESSION. It will
naturally be fixed in next 7.2 release, but till then it can be safely
ignored. You might want to consider explicitly pre-formatting media with
dvd+rw-format in order to reserve larger spare area. Recall that BR-R
media can be formatted only once and prior actual recording.

> The command used was `growisofs -Z
> /dev/dvdwriter=backupudf-bdsize1.iso`. The output (incomplete, as the
> first bit had scrolled out of the buffer) is attached as growisofs.out.
> I do recall growisofs saying, at the beginning, that it had found new
> BD-R media (correct) and was going to format it. If necessary, I can try
> again and redirect its output to a file.

It wouldn't be necessary. A.

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