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Re: cdrtools-2.01.01a42 ready

Joerg Schilling wrote:
Rob Bogus <rob23@tmr.com> wrote:

Libedc (Optimized by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):

-	Fixed array index overrun in L1 coder. Thanks to Heiko Eißfeldt.
	The problem was reported by the coverity test. Note that the L1 coder
	is not used by cdrtools.

Verified operation with DVD+DL 8GB images, SVCD, FC9. Burning looks solid with all versions of the kernel I tried, and all major variations.

Thank you for this test!

It is however not related to the libedc change ;-)

I know, but after the discussion of layer-break, I wanted to just give it a large image and let cdrecord figure out the break. Then I had some other stuff, on various other operating system, so I did the test. It was all stuff I had to do, but I did move the data between machines a few times to allow testing with various O/S.

E. Robert Bogusta
 It seemed like a good idea at the time

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