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Re: Issues with cdrsin and USB devices on RHEL5


> > BTW: why do you like to use cdrskin although cdrecord works for you?
> The more option I have the better.

And that is good so.

> I understand you [Joerg] 'll rightly say it's a Linux issue

> Current: DVD-RAM
> ...
> Sense Key: 0x3 Medium Error, deferred error, Segment 0
> Sense Code: 0x0C Qual 0x02 (write error - auto reallocation failed) Fru 0x0

> Current: DVD-RAM
> ...
> cdrskin: burning done

I understand the DVD-RAM defect management failed to
manage a defect. (I hardly ever see it work properly
with my own DVD-RAM experiments.)

This looks like a drive+media issue where both
programs will probably only differ by random
accident and not by technical principle.
Linux seems not to be to blame here at all.

cdrskin was just the more lucky program in that
night. If these failures happen frequently then
you have to do something about drive+media 
I.e. try some other media types and/or brands.
Try DVD+RW. That's an honest media.

Have a nice day :)


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