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Re: Issues with cdrsin and USB devices on RHEL5


> # cdrskin --devices
> cdrskin 0.4.8 : limited cdrecord compatibility wrapper for libburn
> 0  dev='/dev/hdc'  rwrw-- :  'HL-DT-ST'  'DVDRAM GSA-4163B'
> ...
> # ls /dev/sr*
> ls: /dev/sr*: No such file or directory
> # ls /dev/sc*
> /dev/scd0

By default cdrskin will accept /dev/scdN or /dev/sgM but
finally insists in seeing a /dev/srN.

You may push it towards /dev/scdN by adding option

The problem will be solved in upcomming version 0.5.0.
(It also affects xorriso which can only be helped
by creating a /dev/sr0 softlink.)

> Note that hda is my hard disk, I don't know why cdrskin tries to use it.

libburn would know that it is not a CD drive
after opening it. But it may not open a CD drive
in the progress of burning.
Such drives get marked by the O_EXCL bit which
allows to prevent such a fatal opening.

Now this /dev/hda is open O_EXCL and so libburn
has no chance to examine it. A busy burner would
look exactly the same.
I will see what i can do to distinguish both.
For now it is planned to issue a message like
  NOTE: Could not examine busy device '/dev/hda'
  HINT: Busy '/dev/hda' seems to be a hard disk, as '/dev/hda1' exists.
        But better check.

But i wonder why /dev/hda is permanently open anyway.
Usually its /dev/hda1 et. al. which are mounted.

Have a nice day :)


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