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Re: Which burner to buy for DVD+R DL ?


Gregoire Favre:
> > > Plextor PX-810SA/T3B, black for CHF 99.00
> > It is said to be a clone of Pioneer DVR-212
Joerg Schilling:
> Are you sure?

No. It's just what i learn from web rumors.

I just was curious why to pay double money
for no visible extra features.

Gregoire Favre:
> I would be pleased if someone
> who use DVD+R DL could tell me which burner he use :-)

There seem to be few people who pay double price per GB
in comparison to single layer media. Thus there is few known.

Only thing i could offer is to test your media
with my Samsung. (Snail mail to germany.
You prescribe burn program and content. It would be
nice if you donate one disc for the libburnia project.)

Have a nice day :)


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