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Re: Which burner to buy for DVD+R DL ?


> Samsung WriteMaster, 22x DVD±, black for CHF 45.00 (about 30¤)

I got a WriteMaster SH-S203B but never tested it
with DVD+R DL.

Elsewise it is fine: media compatibility, noise,
reading of not-so-good media, ...
Like all my DVD drives it has problems with
4x DVD-RW of any reachable brand.

> Plextor PX-810SA/T3B, black for CHF 99.00

Why is this one so expensive ?
USB would be an explanation. But it is SATA.
It is said to be a clone of Pioneer DVR-212
which seems to be sold at normal prices.

Whatever you buy: report about the outcome.

Have a nice day :)


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