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Re: WRITE@LBA=3e0c30h failed with SK=3h/WRITE ERROR]: Input/output error (DL)

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> > Cdrskin in addition is based on a library that
> > is based on specific security "holes" in Linux.
> Could you describe those holes ?

I mentioned already: _all_ other OS forbid to send SCSI commands 
from a normal user account. The only exception is MS-WIN with ASPI
(a ISV product) installed.

> > Porting it to other platforms will result in insufficient 
> > privilleges for sending SCSI commands
> So you can predict properties of future
> software with yet undefined target operating
> systems ?

Of course I can predict what will happen if you port to known other OS.
I did this port alrready, so I know what I am talking about.... 

> > I am not sure whether the lib is prepared for this. 
> You could learn. It is open source.

There is a low probabilty that you can learn from software that itself did 
avoid to learn from other existing implementaions.

Please start explaining why you did not use libscg which grants portability 
for software that likes to send SCSI commands to arbitrary targets.....

After you did, it may make sense to give futher answers.


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