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Re: WRITE@LBA=3e0c30h failed with SK=3h/WRITE ERROR]: Input/output error (DL)

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> The "1F" in CDB means 31 blocks are to be written 
> by this WRITE10 command.
> The "1F D7 E9" means write address is 2086889.
> (Confirmed by: 4273948672 / 2048 == 2086889)
> The write size of 31 blocks seems systematic:
> 2086889 % 31 == 0
> The man page of cdrecord says:
> "The manual layer break value needs to be a mul-
>  tiple of the ECC sector size which is 16 logical 2048
>  byte sectors in case of DVD" 
> 2086912 - 2086889 == 23
> The failing write command is 31 blocks long and
> thus touches both layers.

It may be that this has been forgotten in cdrecord's code (it was planned ;-)

if it works with other drives, then other drives do not follow the worst 
possible firmware documented by the MMC standard.

Looks like cdrecord needs some additional code to verify that a write command 
does not cross a layer boundary. BTW: this is not easy to implement in a clean 


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