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Re: Announcing cdrskin-0.4.4


i wrote:
> > (i.e. no spare area) by dvd+rw-format option
> >  -ssa=none
Giulio Orsero wrote:
> It took under a minute:
> And now I can write at 2x!  Thanks, I didn't think about that (ssa=none)

Thanks to dvd+rw-format and 04h FORMAT UNIT Format Type 31h.

This downgrades a BD-RE to kindof DVD+RW with 25 GB.
You lose defect management.
I understand that it is considered necessary because
25 GB media have a high risk to contain a bad spot

So it might be appealing to explore the ways with
"certifying" formatting. If we can talk that
into running at full speed by help of AAh WRITE12
then this would give us the opportunity to
"repair" bad spots by re-formatting.

I understand
  dvd+rw-format -format=full 
will apply 04h FORMAT UNIT Format Type 30h Sub Type 10b:
"Full Certification: The entire data area shall be
 certified. The defect tables shall be initialized with
 defects discovered during the certification process."

I hope to have opportunity to check your BD-RE results
over the weekend with DVD-RAM.
Maybe i can make more proposals then.

Have a nice day :)


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