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Re: Blanking/Formating a BD-RE

> The thing I want to get is the following: I need to get the difference
> between a written bd-re (containing toc/filesytem/data/..) and an
> "empty" one.

For isofs 'dd if=/dev/dvd skip=32769 bs=1 count=5' and comparing its
output to CD001 would do the trick. Note that for virgin media dd would
return i/o error, but the outcome would be non-CD001 string and media
would be recognized as "empty" anyway. Naturally for other file systems
empty-check would be different and might have to be more elaborate.

> But here my problem starts. When I do a dvd+rw-mediainfo on a media
> which was formatted (after it was written with an iso) with
> dvd+rw-format I get the following info:
> [root@smooth /]# dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/hdb
>  Mounted Media:         43h, BD-RE
>  formatted:        11826176*2048=24220008448
> READ CAPACITY:          11826176*2048=24220008448

BD-RE has no notion of blanking and once minimally formatted it appears
to user as fully formatted forever. You can wipe the data, you can
re-format, but you can't make it appear virgin. A.

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