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Re: Help: Burning multisession DVD+R with cdrecord 2.01.01a37

Eric Wanchic <ewanchic@qwest.net> wrote:

> Summarizing a Long story: I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy, and I've been 
> working/researching for almost one week on how to create a multisession 
> DVD+R for backing up. I've moved from growisofs to genisoimage to wodim, 

genisoimage is extremely buggy and should be avoided, use mkisofs.

wodim does not even support to write DVD+R correctly at all.

> finally to cdrecord cdrecord 2.01.01a37. I manually installed cdrecord 
> 2.01.01a37 from smake. I seem to be able to create the first track with 
> mkisofs and burn with cdrecord. It is mountable and readable. But when I 
> get ready to do the second track with cdrecord -msinfo dev=3,0,0; it 
> states:
> cdrecord: Cannot read first writable address

I internally have a multiborder aware version of cdrecord but this has not yet 
been published. 

Cdrecord did not write the medium in a way that allows appending - see
cdrecord -info output.


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