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Re: Dual-Layer DVD Burn Failure

Joerg Schilling wrote:
Rob Bogus <rob23@tmr.com> wrote:

This is one of the rare times I would agree with Joerg that trying 
cdrecord is desirable, even though there may be a need to create a huge 
ISO image and burn from that. I have not had a problem with either 
program, but without some effort I can't tell you which drives and media 
I've been using, as I'm not on the right machines.
I never had the need to try growisofs besides cdrecord....

Cdrecord does all I need (CD/DVD/BluRay) in a single program.

It may do all you need, but growisofs is vastly easier to use for multiple sessions. It's not about capability but about usability in this case, adding sessions is just more convenient.
E. Robert Bogusta
  It seemed like a good idea at the time

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