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Re: Dual-Layer DVD Burn Failure

Rob Bogus wrote:
>    My man page says the format is "-speed=2" for that, although I would
>    expect the program to whine if it didn't know what you meant.

Ah, yes, that's what I meant, and what I was actually using.  Chalk that
up to a transcription error while writing the email.  :)

>    This is one of the rare times I would agree with Joerg that trying
>    cdrecord is desirable, even though there may be a need to create a huge
>    ISO image and burn from that. I have not had a problem with either
>    program, but without some effort I can't tell you which drives and media
>    I've been using, as I'm not on the right machines.

Yeah, no worries.  As I just put through, it turns out that a firmware
upgrade on the burner itself did the trick.  Thanks for the suggestion,


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