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Re: problem with BD sessions after 4GB


Arnold Maderthaner:
>  Mounted Media:         43h, BD-RE
> > > growisofs -M /dev/dvdrw -R -J -joliet-long -use-the-force-luke=4gms
> > > :-( next session would cross 4GB boundary, aborting...

This is contrary to what i read from the source code.

You will have to obtain a source tarball of dvd+rw-tools
and take a look into growisofs.c .
Search for the error message text which i get to see
like this:

    else if (next_session > (0x200000-0x5000)) /* 4GB/2K-40MB/2K */
        if ((mmc_profile&0xFFFF)<0x20 ||
            ((mmc_profile&0xFFFF)<0x40 && !no_4gb_check))
            fprintf (stderr,":-( next session would cross 4GB "
                            "boundary, aborting...\n"),
            exit (FATAL_START(ENOSPC));

Disable it by spoiling the size test:

    else if (0 && next_session > (0x200000-0x5000)) /* 4GB/2K-40MB/2K */

compile and check whether it will work then.

If you are curious then leave the test active and
print the media type as perceived by growisofs:

            fprintf (stderr,":-( next session would cross 4GB "
                            "boundary (0x%X), aborting...\n",
                            (unsigned) (mmc_profile&0xFFFF) ),

The hex number given in brackets would be supposed to be
0x43 ... but that does not match source and program behavior.
I would be curious :))

Have a nice day :)


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