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Re: cdrecord problems

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Number one of the try-to-do list is original cdrecord.
> Nevertheless i rather do not expect it to have
> much more success than wodim as the affected code
> seems to be quite old.

The "maintainers" of wodim did change a lot of things that
better should stay as is. Referring to old code is no grant
that it has not been severed by some people who claimed
to make wodim more linux friendly but rather did add bugs.

Anyway, it does not make sense to talk about dead code.

> My knowledge about the peculiar behavior with
> mode page 05h was gained with libburn by experimental
> code modifications. I.e. not related to cdrecord or
> wodim code but experiencing good reasons for wodim's
> refusal.
> The open question is how to set CD write parameters
> to a drive which dislikes mode page 05h. I am not
> aware of any other method to control writing of
> CD-R (or DVD-R).

Cdrecord uses a well tested get/set mode page interface
that implements a lot of workarouds for firmware bugs.
I am not aware of any problems since the time of the
Pioneer A03 + ATAPI->SCSI Adaptor which is ~ 2001.

> The answer may possibly be found by experiments with
> a GSA-H30N. (Is it on SATA ?)
> I am willing to provide experimental code.

If there are SATA specific problems, this is most likely caused
by OS specific (kernel) bugs.

Unfortunately, the owener of the problem did not reply since his
first mail.........

There is a well known Linux Kernel bug that (under still unknown 
conditions) bastardizes SCSI commands on their way from cdrecord
to ATAPI drives. As long as we do not know whether the problem
disappears with an original cdrecord it does not make sense to
discuss this.

> One should try to find out wether all GSA-H30N behave
> this way and why this does leave so few traces in
> Google.
> Are any other owners of an (Hitachi-) LG GSA-H30N
> around ?

It is not Hitachi but Hitachi-Lucky-Goldstar-STorage-division.


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